We're working on a sustainable stroller that’s easy to repair, refurbish and recycle at the end of its life. Committed to circular economy principles, our stroller can be refurbished and passed from family to family, connecting communities and changing the way we consume short-term products.

At loopi, we know that families are as unique and customisable as our strollers, so we strive to make sure that we represent every family in every shape or form. Our loopi community is nothing without the diverse and beautiful make up of our family network, so we love to include real families and our real customers in our branding and values.

Our philosophy

When we first came up with the idea of loopi, it was born out of a desire to create meaningful change while demonstrating that consumer goods could be produced ethically and sustainably throughout.

Environmental awareness

At Loopi, it just isn’t enough to ensure that our strollers can be reused, refurbished and recycled as many times as possible. We want to ensure that our products are made in the healthiest way for people and the planet.

Social responsibility

Bringing new life into the world comes with so many responsibilities: towards our children, towards our communities, and towards our planet’s future. These obligations have driven the designs for loopi’s stroller products and for our subscription service.

We're a diverse team with a lot of drive. We want to make the world a better place one stroller at a time!

Loopi is a team of like-minded individuals striving for a change. We're working tirelessly to create the kind of company that we've always dreamed of working for.

Core team

Remo Mathys

Industrial Design
Constructing Engineer

Remo’s quiet thoughtfulness proves to blow us all away every time he speaks.

Marco Tramontano

Product Development
Business Experiments
Business-to-market fit

As the daddy of a baby daughter, Marco is at the beginning of a really big adventure. He’s well prepared fort this adventure because he’s been developing products and clever mobility solutions for families throughout his professional life.

Mirco Egloff

Circular Economy

Mirco brings energy and incredible optimism as well as new parenting expertise to our team.

Ali Herold

Brand Experience Design
Graphic Design

Quick to smile and have a laugh, Ali tries to splash color wherever she goes. She’s an experienced mom who survived the early years of parenting.

Simone Köchli

Project Management
Community Building
Customer Service

An Excel genius, Simone keeps us on track and connected. 

Chantal Lisci

Marketing & Communications
Brand Direction & Positioning
Diversity & Inclusion

Chantal is great under pressure. If she can’t do it, no one can.


We're proud to have great partners who are helping us make the world a better place - one stroller at a time.

Every single collaboration makes a difference. With the expertise and valuable support of various experts we are able to push forward with developing our smart stroller-service and also have an impact on the transition of Switzerland to a circular economy.

We strongly believe that you can move faster alone but definitely further together.
Do you think we are a perfect match and should work together? We would love to hear from you!

Get in touch via hey@loopi-kids.com 

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