How does our stroller service work?​

We strive to create the most environmentally responsible and flexible strollers on the market that can be reused, repaired and recycled, benefiting both families and the environment. The strollers will be offered as a service so that their life cycle goes well beyond the needs of one child.


Mix and match your perfect stroller

You can mix and match a whole range of modular parts and components to create your very own unique stroller.
According to your needs, you can put together a city stroller, an off-road stroller or even a buggy.

Build your very own stroller

You might need your stroller to be light and mobile or big and resilient. Or maybe you need small wheels for public transport or big wheels for jogging and offroad activities. Build your own stroller with the features you need most.


Upgrade your stroller as your family’s needs and activities change

The construction of our stroller allows a foolproof adjustment to your needs. You’d rather have three instead of four wheels? No worries! We send you the module you need!

Adapts to your needs

With loopi, you can upgrade your stroller as your child grows up so that your stroller always fits your family’s changing needs.


Prepare the parts for the next family

Our strollers are intended to be used. There will be bruises, bumps and scratches. No worries! We’ll take care of it.

Keep it in the loop

Once our strollers are back with us they‘re tested, polished, cleaned and show no sign of previous use.


Return your stroller so it has the longest life-cycle it can have

Recycling is the last resort. We’ll look at every single part. Some will be reused and others will be transformed. Only the broken and worn-out parts will be recycled.

A second chance

Closing the material loop starts with reusing. We try to give every material a second life before recycling. 

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